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Fungus Gnats vs Fruit Flies: Whats The Difference?
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Fungus Gnats vs Fruit Flies: Whats The Difference?

Got tiny black flies in your home? Chances are they're either fungus gnats or fruit flies - two pesky critters that we often mistake for one another. Keep an eye out and take the proper steps to send them on their way!

fungus gnat vs fruit flies



How To Tell If You Have Fungus Gnats Or Fruit Flies?

Fungus gnats and fruit flies are often mistaken for the same thing, though they are different species. Fungus gnats typically live on house plants and lay their eggs in the top soil. They can make their way into your home via a newly purchased plant or by bringing plants indoors from outside. If you have been using compost that has been left open to the air that can also be infected by gnat larvae and eggs. Fruit flies, on the other hand, feed and lay their eggs in decaying fruit found in fruit bowls or bins. If you leave food waste out, you may even find fruit flies gathering around it as a source of sustenance. Knowing how to identify the differences between Fungus Gnats and Fruit Flies will put you well on your way to preventing them from taking over your home. Us the list below to help identify which type of pest you may have.


Where Do They Come From?

fungus gnats

fungus gnat plants

Fungus Gnats


  • Found around house plants (lay eggs in soil)
  • Found in overwatered moist soil
  • Brought in on new plants from the garden centre
  • Brought in on plants from outside
  • Using Compost infected with eggs and larvae

Fruit Flies

fruit flies

fruit flies



  • Found around fruit bowls (Especially decaying fruit)
  • Found around bins or food waste


Most Effective Eradication Methods

Now you have hopefully identified which species for pest you are dealing with we have compiled a lists of the best methods to eradicate them for good.


How To Kill Fungus Gnats

How To Kill Fruit Flies



When dealing with Fungus Gnats its strongly advised you combine multiple methods at once to combat different stages of the lifecycle to eradicate them effectively.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do Fruit Flies Come From Houseplants?

Fruit flies and fungus gnats can be a nuisance in any household. While it is easy to think that fruit flies could come from house plants, this is not true. Fungus gnats are the bugs that frequent houseplants, while fruit flies are attracted to rotting fruit and other organic material.

Why Do I Have Fungus Gnats Or Fruit Flies In My House?

Identifying the source of fruit flies and fungus gnats in your home can be quite challenging. It is possible that fruit flies may have come in with produce purchased at the grocery store or from your garden. The larvae of fungus gnats, on the other hand, often enter homes via infested house plants or potting soil.


Are Fruit Flies Attracted to Houseplants?

Houseplants often play host to a variety of insects, but fruit flies are not one of them. Fruit flies are more interested in the fruit and other succulent items you may have lying around your kitchen. Rather, it is fungus gnats that you should be aware of when it comes to your houseplants.


Do Fruit Flies Feed on my Houseplants?

Fruit flies have no interest in eating your indoor plants. While fungus gnats can cause damage to roots, fruit flies mostly feed on fruit, our food, and other decaying matter found around the house. So if you've recently noticed some insect visitors near your houseplants, chances are that they are not fruit flies




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