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Citriodiol is a natural, safe and effective supplement derived from the oil of eucalyptus citridora trees (also known as Corymbia Citrinoda). It's produced by mimicking nature’s own ageing process in these leaves which results into highly effective active ingredient supported with robust data set approved internationally leading authorities. Essential oils production itself has strong green credentials because it relies on healthy soil plus tree vitality for quality content - this means no need to harvest entire stems or even cut down mature plants due there.

1. Growing the trees
The three-step process of planting, tending and harvesting involves a team effort. The seedlings are germinated locally before being planted by hand into prepared soil that has been lime Conditioned to ensure optimum health for both the ground as well as quality oil produced from them. Topsoil containing more than average level nutrients is used in order establish plantations with greater success rates while also helping retain moisture levels through controlled weed growth using ranching techniques such at cattle grazing which can be periodically performed depending on conditions.

2. Harvesting the leaves
In order to maintain the health and longevity of our trees, we harvest them manually from each tree by teams made up mostly men (and some women). After cutting away all branches except those containing leaves or small twigs which will be steam distilled.

3. Distilling the oil.
The distillation process takes place in large vessels, where pressed leaves and twigs are blended with steam. The boiling point of this combination is maximizing through the use over time which separates out as an oily liquid from solid particles that form when cooked by heat.

4. The result
Citriodiol® is the result of a natural process that removes any unwanted compounds and leaves behind an average 71%* PMD. The other naturally occurring minor components in eucalyptus citriodora oil remain largely unaffected by this extraction technique, making it safe for use around humans as well animals.*(min 64%)


Made by plants, backed by science.

Contains an average of 71% PMD