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Anti Gnat Pot Topper & Nutrient Booster 1Litre

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  • 🌱 ANTI FUNGUS GNAT HOUSE PLANT DETERRENT - House Gnats like to lay eggs in the wet warm top soil of plants pots. Anti Gnats prevents infestation by creating an insect proof barrier over the soil inhibiting the fungus gnats ability to lay eggs breaking the life cycle while also killing the hatched larvae underneath. 
  • 🌱100% NATURAL CONTAINS DIATOMACEOUS EARTH - our formula is made from 100% natural ingredients completely child & pet safe while creating an inhospitable environment for annoying house gnats and insects.
  • 🌱PH NEUTRAL - Because our formula is PH neutral it can be used with any plant variety while also increasing moisture retention keeping your house plants hydrated and healthy at the same time.
  • 🌱NUTRIENT BOOSTER - has the added benefit of containing healthy plant nutrients. Can be simply mixed into the soil after use or moved to another pot for protection.
  • 🌱FOR BEST RESULTS - Simply remove 1/2 inch of top soil and any organic matter before applying a 3/4 inch layer of Anti GNAT mixture making sure to cover 100% of the surface area. Because Anti GNAT is very absorbent it can take on the yellow/brown colour of the tannins contained in organic matter. This is natural and not harmful. A soil rather than a compost might help prevent this, or a compost with less organic material.

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