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NEW* Wasp Repellent 250ml

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  • EFFECTIVE INSECT REPELLENT - Our natural wasp spray is a great alternative to the harsh chemicals of a nest killer. This insect repellent works as your natural guardian against bees, flies, and other menacing pests indoors or out - giving you peace of mind that your home remains safe! See just how effective our Wasps & Wasp Deterrent Spray can be today!
  • WASP REPELLENT - Our all-in-one solution is a safe alternative to traditional insect killers, offering both immediate results and longterm protection from any future invaders on your property! Plus, it can be used as an outdoor fly deterrent or even in household spaces for topnotch pest control performance.
  • EASY TO USE - Eliminate pests in your home, garden and outdoor area with just a few sprays! This product is highly efficient - simply spray 2-3 times to target problem areas. Use it on windows, furniture, porches or BBQs as needed for lasting results
  • MADE IN THE UK - we craft premium products with superior ingredients that are guaranteed to exceed expectations. Furthermore, none of the production process requires animal testing – a testament to our commitment towards creating quality materials responsibly and sustainably.
  • NON-TOXIC - Our formula is created using a blend of concentrated natural ingredients providing an effective eco friendly solution

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