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Highly Effective** Mosquito Pond Barrier 100ml

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  • ✅ NATURAL ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - Harmless to Aquatic Life, Animals, Plants & Humans - Make your garden a happy home for wildlife.
  • ✅ LASTS 4 WEEKS - Protects for 4 weeks before naturally degrading into the environment.
  • ✅ STOPS THE BREEDING - MPB is a unique liquid for mosquito control. It is not a toxic chemical – it works by forming a very thin film of silicone on the water surface and disrupting the mosquito lifecycle.
  • ✅ COVERS 100 SQUARE METERS! Apply at a rate of 1ml per square metre (100ML/100 square metre) of water surface. MPB can be poured onto the water surface and will quickly spread around vegetation to cover the surface.
  • ✅ For small water bodies, for standing water in drains, gutters, water tanks, old tyres, etc, apply at a rate of 1 ml per square metre. (As a guide, a teaspoon holds 5 ml). Repeat application in 4 weeks.

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