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Box Tree Moth Guard

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  • EFFECTIVE BUXUS HEDGE PRETECTION - Box Tree Moth Guard is a natural remedy to protect Box plants from the damage caused by Box Tree Caterpillars.
  • 100% NATURAL SOLUTION - The 100% natural essential oil-based product has been developed with Box plant growers and is safe for pets and children.
  • REPELLS MOTHS FROM HEDGE - This product helps push the moths out of the hedge and into pheromone moth traps.
  • INCREASES CATCH RATE OF PHEROMON TRAPS - Product is designed to be used alongside pheromone traps
  • COVERS 5 METERS SQUARED - Each guard protect an area of 5 meters squared
  • WORKS IMMEDIATELY - Peel off the foil layer you are left with a semi-permeable membrane that slowly realises a scent to push the moth away from hedge row or bush. Placed in the heart of the box hedge at 5m intervals.

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