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Homemade Wasp Trap
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Homemade Wasp Trap

When summer comes round and we move out into the garden many of us are experiencing an inevitable pest, wasps!

There are many options you have to reduce your wasp population. Certain plants and natural essential oils are proven to confuse the wasps navigation system making you less of a target TMC Formula. But we have put together a few simple instructions to make your tried and tested very effective homemade wasp trap. Pop 3 or 4 of these great little contraptions around your garden and wait to see the results, we are certain you will be pleasantly surprised of how easy and effective they are.

How They Work

These quick very effective traps work by using sugary drink to lure the wasps through the bottle opening and because of its shape they are unable to find there way out, just like lobster trap! 


 How To Make A Homemade Wasp Trap

 wasp trapwasp trapwasp trapwasp trap

Now your traps are set all you need to do is sit back and wait. If you have a wasp infestation before long they should be filling up with the nasty little stingers.

Caution: Remember to make sure all the wasps are dead before emptying the traps!.



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