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6 Ways to Control Mosquitoes in Water Features
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6 Ways to Control Mosquitoes in Water Features

Mosquitoes are prolific breeders, laying eggs in standing water where their larvae can feed and develop. Once the mosquito eggs hatch, the mosquito larvae feed on organic matter including basic forms of aquatic life like algae. This cycle continues for approximately five to fourteen days before the larvae eventually complete their transformation and take flight as the adult mosquito we know so well. Though mosquito breeding is essential for the species' survival, it also creates a nuisance for humans as mosquitoes transfer diseases from person to person and cause summertime boredom with their relentless buzzing and annoying bites.


Clear out organic matter

organic pond matter

Keep your pond pristine! To minimize the risk of mosquito infestations, create an environment that is unfavorable for larvae. Regularly use a skimmer net or install a pond skimmer to remove organic debris and excess vegetation - this will help ensure mosquitoes don't have access to nutrients they need to propagate.


Deep water

Keeping water depths greater than two feet can significantly reduce the chances of mosquito larvae surviving and thriving in your outdoor environment. By installing properly designed vertical walls, you can both create an aesthetically pleasing space for enjoyment and take proactive measures against mosquitoes without compromising appeal.


Add fish and predators

minnow in pond

Incorporate fish into your water feature to keep mosquitoes in check naturally. Minnows can consume their weight worth of mosquito eggs each week! For even greater protection, create a habitat conducive for beneficial bacteria, nematodes, dragonflies and backswimmers - predators which feed on the troublesome larvae and eggs. Avoid use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers as they may deter these valuable allies from thriving.


Disrupt water surface

water feature

Disrupting larval activity is possible with the help of bubblers, fountains and water-wigglers. These can be employed to increase water circulation and prevent mosquito larvae from reaching air at the surface for respiration. Furthermore, if there are no feasible uses for this body of water such as feeding plants or providing a habitat for animals then applying small amounts of vegetable oil will reduce tension on its'surface allowing it to hinder newly hatched larvae who feed beneath it in addition to preventing them from breathing oxygen above all together!


Biological control

Using Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (Bti) for mosquito control is becoming increasingly popular due to its effectiveness and environmental benefits. Bti is applied to standing water features, such as ponds and rain barrels, which serve as mosquito-breeding sites; it works as a mosquito larvicide to prevent larvae from hatching into adults. Not only does Bti provide an effective mosquito-control option, but it is also nontoxic to humans, animals, aquatic life, plants, and other beneficial insects. Implementing Bti in your mosquito control efforts reduces the risk of any unintended environmental consequences - making this a safe solution that also helps keep our surroundings mosquito-free!


Mosquito pond larvae killer blocks (Bti)

mosquito pond larvae killer

Controlling mosquito larvae, black fleas and fungus gnat populations just got easier with this natural solution. This products is environmentally friendly Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (Bti) that is harmless to both aquatic life and terrestrials, including plants, animals and humans, so you can have a mosquito-free garden without disrupting the local ecosystem. Furthermore, its slow-release technology makes sure that pests are gone for good over the span of 30 days. It works in flowing water too—it sinks to the bottom and stays put even when there's mild turbulence. This product is also very easy to use—only one block per 27ft(2) of your pond is needed. Make your garden a happy home for wildlife by using this BTI mosquito larvaecide today!


Water surface barrier

mosquito pond barrier

If you are looking for natural protection against mosquitos, MPB is an excellent solution. This unique liquid forms a natural water surface barrier that stops the breeding of mosquitos and lasts for up to 4 weeks before naturally degrading into the environment. Not only does this product provide natural protection from mosquitos, but it is harmless to aquatic life, animals, plants, and humans. MPB can be applied at a rate of 1ml per 1 square meter providing optimal coverage. Make your garden or outdoor area a happy home for wildlife by protecting it with natural mosquito control that is also safe for your family and other fauna!



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