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Mosquito Pond Larvae Killer

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✅ KILLS MOSQUITO LARVAE, Black Fleas & Fungus Gnat's before they hatch!

✅ NATURAL ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - Harmless to Aquatic Life, Animals, Plants & Humans - Make your garden a happy home for wildlife

✅ KILLS LARVAE FOR 30 DAYS - Slow release technology provides a consistent level of BTI is released into the water over 1 month making sure pests are gone for good

✅ WORKS IN FLOWING WATER - Sinks and sticks to the bottom staying in place in lightly flowing water

✅ PONDS - 1 Block per 27ft(2)

✅ FRUIT FLIES IN PLANT POTS - Diffuse block into watering can before watering plant pots making sure to cover 100% of top soil

✅ GUTTERS - 1 Block per 10m length

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