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Box Tree Caterpillar protection solution

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  • STOPS BOX TREE CATERPILLARS FAST - Natural concentrated solution to protect Box plants from the damage caused by Box Tree Caterpillars
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE - The 100% natural essential oil-based product has been developed with Box plant growers and is safe for pets and children
  • SAFE FOR BIRDS AND BEES - Natural origin, does not harm important beneficial insects such as bees for pollination, insect predators, and parasites used in control of other insect pests; is also not harmful to humans, wildlife or the environment
  • EASY TO USE - Simply spray solution over box plants making sure to get deep into the heart of the hedge for full protection
  • PROFESSIONAL USE - Designed for used for horticultural professionals
  • MADE IN THE UK - This was developed and made here in the UK guaranteeing the highest quality
  • COVERS THE WHOLE GARDEN - This 1 Litre concentrate mixed with water makes up 10 Litres of repellent spray. Covering your whole garden!

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